• Location based Lead Generation


    It’s well known that posts with a tagged location result in 79% higher engagement than posts without a tagged location. Posts with tagged location encourage other people to visit the location, which means revenue. Also more and more people use location tagging for searching a business or specialty store, so geotagging is a must in a company’s strategy!


    But how does GetMeLeads come in? GetMeLeads can provide leads of those who checked in or tagged a certain location; this could be a company, a store, a hotel, an event, a conference or any other known location.


    For example: you are an exhibitor on a conference where you’re responsible for connecting to as many potential consumers possible! That’s a huge and almost an impossible task. But what if you could reach out to all those potential consumers? GetMeLeads provides leads of those who checked in or tagged the conference. This makes it possible to connect with all those high-value potential consumers on a personal level!