• Conversation based Lead Generation


      Hashtags and keywords spark conversations. It gives active users an opportunity to express their opinions in even more detail. They are key for a company's strategy to make people aware of a brand or product. But those same hashtags could make or break a company. That’s why it’s important to keep in the loop about what people are saying!


      But how does one track all those conversations? One could spend days on tracking those people who are talking about a product. Even better is to get in on the conversation! Statistics show that companies who interact on those conversations get a better conversion. GetMeLeads provides leads of people who are talking about your company or product so you can interact with them.


      But GetMeLeads can do more! Suppose you want to market of a new coffee brand, then GetMeLaeds can provide profiles who used #coffee or #Starbucks. GetMeLeads provides leads from all the social networks combined so you can make them aware of your brand or product!