• Audience based Lead Generation


      Followers on social platforms are the potential customers of a company. Unfortunately not every follower is immediately a customers, this takes time through contact moments. Sales statistics show that 80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact. Through ads on social platforms you can reach a lookalike audience and create contact moments, new followers and potential customers.


      But what if we could give you insights on your followers so you can contact them on a personal level. Or even better, what if you could approach the followers of your competitors?


      GetMeLeads can enrich your followers so you can identify your potential consumers even better and get in the process all their social handles so you can reach them on a personal level. And of course GetMeLeads can do the same on the followers of your competitors!


      Now you can reach those high-value potential consumers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Get to know them better so you can personalize your adds and/or content for more conversion.